DevaCon is the new games convention for Chester, North Wales, and the Wirral. It features roleplaying games, board games, and anything and everything that goes on a tabletop!

It takes place on Saturday the 7th of April, from 10:00 until 23:00 but the games themselves will run in predetermined slots from 10:30 -14:00, 15:00-18:30, and 19:00 -22:30. GamesMasters and players, please be prompt. The venue is to be determined.

Should you have any questions on the day you can go to the committee table (just as you walk in to the venue room) and speak to one of the volunteers who will only be too glad to help! If you have any questions before the day, please message us here on WP.

There will be numbered tables, each designated for certain roleplaying games on the day. There will also be a number of tables kept free for board games and their players. There will be a bar in the venue room (the Prince of Wales suite) and snacks will also be available.

DevaCon was created by Stygian Fox Publishing, a games publisher based in the city of Chester and known for creating supplements for the Call of Cthulhu™ roleplaying game and magazines for other gaming systems.

Stygian Fox‘s involvement in DevaCon comes via the owner, Stephanie McAlea, as she wanted to foster a local convention to fill in a regional gap in the convention circuit. More locals gaming, more gaming experiences for you!

Stephanie McAlea is a designer, cartographer, and publisher and has her work appear in ‘Horror on the Orient Express’, ‘2300AD’, and ‘Call of Cthulhu 7th edition’.


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